VIP MODEL MANAGERMENT was established in 2008. In the last 8 years, the company was committed to providing model developing, training and agency service. Now it has became the largest modeling agency in Asia. Our goal is to become the world's leading model agency.

VIP MODEL MANAGERMENT has an experienced team which is very famous in the industry. VIP MODEL MANAGERMENT introduces top models from the world to China, and extends the local market rapidly by its unique and leading concept. VIPCUBE MODEL MANAGERMENT modeling agency works together with other fashion brand company, media and 4A of advertising company, building solid and healthy relationship with the following international brand of release: CHANEL,LOUIS VUITTON,GUCCI,DIOR,D&G, HERMES, CK, CARTIER,ZEGNA,MAC,NIKE etc. as well as every international fashionable dress of week, and SONY, LOREAL,LENOVEL、LG、SUMSUNG, etc. As the leading model agency in China, the company has established a long-term partnership with international model agencies such as Elite, Ford, Women, Next, DNA, Major, Boss and other leading international companies.

VIP MODEL MANAGERMENT is highly recognized by its customers for its professional and positive service concept,and the most significant part is that we help our customers to develop sound and orderly rules in the fashion industry which is often be seen as a disorder. We sincerely look forward to working with you as such an outstanding company.

VIP MODEL MANAGERMENT建立于2008年,经过8年的发展,公司不断的发展壮大,不仅挖掘培养模特,同时业务涵盖各种领域的模特经纪,已经成为亚洲最大的职业模特经纪公司。我们的目标是成为全世界知名的模特经纪公司。
VIP MODEL MANAGERMENT拥有着一个经验丰富的团队,其专业能力在业界为人所不知。VIP MODEL MANAGERMENT自全球各地引进顶尖名模至上海地区,以独到及领先时代的品味惊艳本地市场,VIP MODEL MANAGERMENT的模特与国内及国际顶尖时尚杂志如 《VOGUE》、《ELLE》、《V MAGAZINE》,《BAZAAR》,《JESSICA》等都有良好的合作关系,我们丰富的媒体资源将会给我们的模特带来最大的爆光率。VIP MODEL MANAGERMENT 正积极与各大时尚品牌如CHANEL, LOUIS VUITTON, GUCCI,DIOR, D&G, HERMES,CK,CARTIER,ZEGNA,MAC,NIKE等建立并保持着长期稳固的合作关系,模特的精彩演绎得到了客户的赞许。奠定了VIP MODEL MANAGERMENT在亚洲地区的国际模特经纪领导地位,并开展世界各国模特经纪公司的长期合作关系,其中包括最顶尖的国际公司如Elite,Ford, Women, Next, DNA, Major, Boss等等。

VIP MODEL MANAGERMENT秉持一贯专业、积极的服务精神搭建起模特与客户之间的桥梁 , 而更具意义的是在这经常被视为失序的时尚产业当中,协助客户的品牌建立完美有序的规则 !我们真诚的期待与您这样优秀的公司合作